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A Growing Local Economy For Unlimited Career Potential

Lucid Motors and Walmart Distribution Center are just two of the large corporate employers near Casa Grande, and with over 30,000 jobs added annually, Central Arizona is a flourishing business region with quality opportunities for income stability and economic prosperity.

Family Fun For All

With plenty of thrilling adventures, local parks, and museums, there will never be a dull weekend. The Palm Island Aquatic Park and Phoenix Sky Dive Center are perfect for adventure seekers, while history buffs will love the Museum of Casa Grande and the Casa Grande Neon Sign Park.

Experience The Great Outdoors

Casa Grande is the perfect playground for nature lovers, with miles of mountainous parks, rugged terrain, and some of the world’s best golf courses, all within a short distance. Casa Grande Mountain Park, Caywood Farms, and the Dave White Municipal Golf Course are just a few of the outdoor activity options for a fun day in the sun.

Dine At The Best Local Restaurants

Experience local flavors and laid-back Arizona hospitality at some of the best restaurants in Casa Grande. And better yet, enjoy dining al fresco with views of the natural beauty around you. With local favorites like Creative Café, BeDillon’s Restaurant & Cactus Garden, and Big House Café, there is always a great option whether you are looking for Mexican cuisine, fresh Asian delicacies, or just an indulgent burger and fries.

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